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Events History - 2018

Details of 2018 Star Events

Dead Reckoning
January 2018

The first Event for 2018, in January, was a navigation exercise to test your Dead Reckoning skills. Members were required to fly an accurate heading for a precise time, and should have found themselves where they intended to be! If not - problem! Good for training for newbies and oldies alike! Here is the Briefing.

14th Birthday Celebrations
February 2018

The February 2018 Event was the traditional live Airshow by our 2-4-CIX Display teams using JoinFS. Three separate JoinFS recordings have been made of the various parts of the show - Part1, Part2 and Part3.

Ben and Jon's Adventures
March 2018

Our March event was a blatant copy of some real world flights which are published on YouTube. Here is the Briefing.