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Planned Excursions & Activities

Next Star Event

Danger! Danger!

The November Event will be a microlight event (flexiwing or 3-axis) and will also be an exercise in map-reading / navigation by using "Ground Features". (Plan-G may be used to plan your route, but its use for navigation should be eschewed!). You simply have to keep out of danger.
Here is the Briefing Document.

Latest Star Event

The Autumn Display
October 2017

The second of our two annual Air Shows takes place on Wednesday 11th October. This year it is at Duxford. Spectators are welcome from the Club and the wider flightsim world. Read the briefing document carefully and connect to JoinFS on the night to see our Tiger Moth formation team, the virtual Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, the CATS (our amazing aerobatic team of EXTRA pilots), and the CHIPS - a flight of deHavilland Chipmunks doing wheelies and stuff - plus solo displays, to give an evening of unparalleled flight simulator entertainment.
Here is the Briefing Document

Farm Strips

The original 93 UK Farms Strips developed by Gerry Winskill, and the 10 developed by Pete Chapman, have been re-organised. The Farm Strips page gives the complete itinerary in groups, starting from Gloucestershire, and finishing eventually at Biggin Hill. A more formal start was made in January 2015. Usually two groups were assigned each month. Monthly assignments were shown on the Locations page, and details were discussed in the forum. Whilst that cycle has been completed, it is still possible to make your way round the planned route.

Informal Events

Club activities are discussed in the forum, which is open to club members only. These include a number of informal club events each of which is organised by an individual member or a small group of members. Some are short lived, but others turn into long running group activities. The more structured or recently active informal events are listed here with links to relevant forum topics for club members.

Beginners Night - A regular Monday evening surgery. Run by Mel Kirk to help beginners.

Don Johnson and Friends - Regular Tuesday evening group flights around Gloucestershire airfield.

Guided Tour - A trip around Europe, or foreign fields with flights on Wednesday evenings.

Friday Group Flight (FriesenFlieger + cix) - A Friday evening meeting with our German Friends.

Pan American Highway - A trip from Alaska in the north to Argentina in the south.

US State Capitals Tour - A trip around USA visiting all the State capitals.

Any Ideas?

If you have an idea for an event, why not email the Events Manager to discuss it?

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