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Club Aircraft

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Some members fly the default Flight Simulator Aircraft, while others have chosen other types, or experimented with customising liveries, panels and gauges. All the aircraft for which Club liveries have been created are described and illustrated here. For payware aircraft, the download is for the Club Livery only and the link is "Download Club Livery". If necessary, you must purchase the aircraft from the reseller, for whom a link is also provided. For freeware aircraft, the whole aircraft may included in the download for simplicity of installation, and the link then is "Download Aircraft". The aircraft are listed by Registration in alphabetical order.

The Club's 2-4-CIX Display Aircraft are listed separately under Operations: 2-4-CIX Aircraft.

Piper PA38 Tomahawk

Registration: G-CIXA

The Piper Tomahawk is an aircraft designed specifically for pilot training. It is also an aircraft you either like or dislike. Plus points are good visibility, and it is easy to land well. Negative points are tricky slow flight handling and spin recovery plus a constant tinny drumming whilst in flight in some models. Club livery by Tim Arnot.

The model illustrated is from the Just Flight Flying Club series, and is a payware add-on for FS9 and FSX. Download Club Livery.

Piper PA30 Seneca

Registration: G-CIXB

The Piper Seneca is a medium range light twin much used in commercial light aviation - air taxis, air ambulances etc. The Club livery has been created by Tim Arnot for both the payware Carenado version for FS9 & FSX and the payware Just Flight version for FS9.

The model illustrated is from Carenado. The Club liveries can be downloaded from these links.
Download Carenado Livery : Download Just Flight Livery

Cessna C152

Registration: G-CIXC

If you didn't learn to fly real world in a Tomahawk, we bet you learned in a Cessna 150 or its later brother the 152.

This is a freeware aircraft from Just Flight from the Just Flight Flying Club series and is available for FS9 and FSX. The Club livery for FS9 is by Tim Arnot, updated for the FSX version of the aircraft by Sam White.
Download FS9 Club Livery : Download FSX Club Livery

Cessna C172SP

Registration: G-CIXD (FS9)

With a production run up to 1986 of over 34,000, there are more 172s in existence than any other aircraft Tim Arnot created a smart paint job for the FS9 default C172, which can also be used with the freeware RealAir Simulations Cessna 172SP.
Download FS9 Club Livery.

Cessna C172SP

Registration: G-CIXD (FSX)

The same Club paint scheme is available for FSX in the specific variant of the Club Training Department. Tim Arnot's livery has been adapted for FSX by Peter Dodds. The FSX download includes both G-CIXD and G-CIXN, but as with all default aircraft, the registration can easily be changed to one of your choice.
Download FSX Club Livery.

Beech B58 Baron

Registration: G-CIXE (FS9)

The luxurious Beech Baron 58 is a serious option for that south of France trip, capable of cruising at twice the speed of the humble Cessna 152.

Tim Arnot's paint scheme is for the payware Dreamfleet version. The download includes both Barons in the fleet.
Download Club Livery.

Rockwell Aero Commander AC500sv

Registration: G-CIXF (FSX)

This sleek executive and commuter turboprop is an FS2002 model by Milton Shupe and his team, updated for FS9 and FSX, and is a free download from Rikooo. The download includes 6 variants and a total of 52 liveries. The Club model G-CIXF is an additional livery for the AC500sv variant.
Download the full Aero Commander collection from Rikooo here.
Download the Club model here and add it to the collection.

Cessna 206 Stationair

Registration: G-CIXG

The next size up Sir? Try the 6-seat Cessna 206 Stationair, its 310hp turbocharged engine giving you 140 knots cruising speed at any altitude with a 700 miles range. That's about Nice to Gloucester, if you fancy it one Club night, although going the other way would be better for your social life!

This is another aircraft from the Carenado stable.
Download Club Livery

Cessna 172R

Registration: G-CIXH

Another version of the ubiquitous Cessna 172 - this time from Flight1. This is a payware aircraft for FS9.
Dowmlaod Club Livery

Siai Marchetti SF260

Registration: G-CIXI

This livery was created for the payware model Real Air Simulations SF260 by member Chris Brisland - www.eagleskinner.com

This is an FSX aircraft which may work in FS9 still, but has not been tested. You may find that the instrument panel turns out wrong.
Download Club Livery

Maule M7

Registration: G-CIXJ

Chris Rowlands has given CIX colours to the Maule M7-260 by Mikko Maliniemiand Tomas Foosnes. The original freeware aircraft can be downloaded from flightsim.com, file name m7260_v1.zip and update M7260_11.zip.
Download Club Livery

Evektor EV97 Eurostar

Registration: G-CIXK

by Bradley De-Lar

The freeware Project Evektor EV97 for FSX and FS9 is available from FSnordic (select 'Flight Simulator', followed by 'Aircraft', 'General Aviation', and then scroll down the alphabetical list).The EV97, first designed as a sports aircraft is great for flying in and out of small airfields, and perfect for low and slow VFR. The bubble canopy gives you excellent 360° visibily, and is great for spotting those awkward visual reference points.
Download Club Livery

Cessna C172SP

Registration: G-CIXN

Tim Arnot's livery for the FS9 default C172 has been adapted for FSX by Peter Dodds. The FSX download includes both G-CIXD and G-CIXN, but as with all default aircraft, the registration can easily be changed to one of your choice.
Download FSX Club Livery.

De Havilland DHC6 Twin Otter

Registration: G-CIXO

The DHC-6 Twin Otter is a 20-passenger STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) utility aircraft developed by de Havilland Canada. It has often been called the most successful aircraft programme in Canada's history. The aircraft's fixed tricycle undercarriage, STOL abilities and relatively high rate of climb have made it a successful cargo, regional passenger airliner and MEDEVAC aircraft. Livery by Peter Dodds. Download the freeware aircraft from Premier Aircraft Design.
Download Club Livery

Piper PA30 Twin Comanche

Registration: G-CIXP

The"Twinkie" as she is affectionately known by the many pilots that are captivated by this aircraft, is another type to receive the Tim Arnot treatment for the Club. The original model is the payware G-UAVA, by Eaglesoft, based on a real world Twin Comanche based in the UK at Oxford, EGTK, and is available for FS9 and FSX.
Download FS9 Club Livery : Download FSX Club Livery

Cessna 182Q

Registration: G-CIXQ

This is the payware Carenado fixed Undercarriage Cessna 182Q for FS9 and FSX. The Club livery is by Colin Bradbury. This is one of several superb aircraft included in the Club fleet, from the Carenado stable.
Download Club Livery

Cessna 182RG

Registration: G-CIXR

This aircraft is G-CIXQ's brother - the payware Carenado Cessna 182RG which has retractable undercarriage. The Club livery is by Dominic Russell.
This is another superb aircraft from the Carenado stable.
Download FSX Club Livery

Beechcraft Model 50 Twin Bonanza

Registration: G-CIXS

This aircraft was originally designed for FS9 by Eric Dantes. There are three versions on AVSIM (search for "Twin Bonanza"). Version 2 is his update for FS9 and FSX in collaboration with Chris Tunstra. The Club Livery is by Tim Arnot. G-CIXS registration by Peter Dodds. The files will work with any of the three versions of the aircraft.
Download Club Livery

Beech B76 Duchess

Registration: G-CIXT and G-ACIX

The Beech B76 Duchess is a four-seat twin tourer/trainer aircraft, often used as a multi-engine and IFR training platform. This plane uses the FS built-in registration system, so you can set your own reg in the Select Aircraft dialog. G-ACIX is shown here. The Club livery is by Tim Arnot.
Download FS9 Club Livery : Download FSX Club Livery

Mooney M20J

Registration: G-CIXU

"Welcome to Mooney's New Dimension in Speed and Economy. Your decision to select a New Mooney has placed you in an elite and distinctive class of aircraft owners. We hope that you find your New Mooney a unique flying experience, whether for Business or Pleasure, the most profitable ever"
This is another aircraft from the Carenado stable. G-CIXU has a special 'event' livery, commemorating the Club trip to Oshkosh in July 2008.
Download FSX Club Livery : Download FS9 Club Livery


Piper PA28R-200 Arrow

Registration: G-CIXV

This version of the PA28 has the 200HP engine, retractable undercarriage and constant speed propeller, making it a nimble single for serious touring. The Club livery is by Sam White and is for the Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) freeware model.
Download Club Livery

Piper PA28-161 Warrior

Registration: G-CIXW

The good old Piper Warrior is a staple of flying clubs and schools the world over. This model is another from the Just Flight Flying Club series and is a payware add-on for FS9 and FSX. This Club livery is by Tim Arnot.
Download Club Livery

Bell 206B Jetranger

Registration: G-CIXX

This is the Club livery for the FSX default Jetranger. As helicopters go, this is perhaps the easiest to fly, but flying helicopters at all is a skill which defeats most fixed wing aircraft pilots. Original Club paint scheme for the Nemeth Designs Eurocopter by Tim Arnot, adapted for the FSX default Jetranger by Peter Dodds.
Download Default FSX Bell 206B Club Livery

Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri

Registration: G-CIXX

The Colibri is a 5-seat VFR single engine helicopter, made by Eurocopter in France. This payware model is from Nemeth Designs. Club livery is by Tim Arnot.
Download Eurocopter Club Livery

Diamond DA40 Twin Star

Registration: G-CIXY

The Twin Star is Diamond's 'Plastic Fantastic' carbon fibre composite, diesel powered twin. Fitted with turbocharged TAE Centurion compression ignition piston engines which burn jet fuel (AVTUR), the Twin Star has remarkably low fuel consumption. The DA42-tdi was the first Diesel-Powered GA aircraft in history to cross the Atlantic Ocean non-stop. Payware DA42 aircraft from eaglesoft
Download Club Livery

Beechcraft P35 Bonanza

Registration: G-CIXZ

The famous V-tailed Bonanza has finally been added to the Club fleet. The Bonanza is something of a Roll-Royce in light aircraft, luxurious and a delight to fly. The base aircraft is freeware and can be downloaded from Simviation. The Club livery, by Sam White, includes an optional installer for ease of adding this aircraft to your fleet.
Download Club Livery

Cessna 182RG

Registration: G-OCIX

The Cessna 172's bigger brother the 182 features a constant speed propeller and a 130 knots crusing speed. If you are coming into Gloucester or Biggin Hill from some distance on Club nights, this could be a good choice of aircraft. This is another superb aircraft from the Carenado stable and is payware. Club Livery by Tim Arnot.
Download Club Livery