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Downloads - Miscellaneous

Useful and interesting downloads

Spectator Tower

It's an aircraft, no it's a control tower, but it looks like a man sitting in a chair. Developed in 2007 by Kevin Bryan for one of our early airshow displays, but not allowed on VATSIM, this model has been updated by David Bouderim for us to use in our planned multiplayer display sessions.

Virtual Air Racing

The Club held a season of air races in 2008 which were discontinued because of technical difficulties at the time. This file by Club member Alexander Vasilyev puts forward a scheme which may work better than our first attempt, so the Club is assisting in its development.

Virtual Aerobatics

Another document by Alexander Vasilyef setting out the standard scheme for aerobatics, and a proposal to adopt and adapt this for FSX.

FSX/FS9 Splash Screen

Personalise your Flight Simulator programme with Tim Arnot's CIX VFR Club splash screen featuring CHIP 2 - one of the 2-4-CIX display team's Chipmunks. Installation instructions are included in the zip file.

A European altimeter_V01

Default FS aircraft and many others designed on the western side of the pond have the Kohlsmann subscale graduated in inches of mercury (ISA pressure is 29.92 inches). This altimeter has a second Kohlsmann window with its scale graduated in millibars (or hectopascals). ISA pressure in Europe is 1013.2 hectopascals. File:39Kb

A European altimeter_V02

This version is more typical of light aircraft in Europe, with a single Kohlsmann window with its scale calibrated in Hectopascals. It includes instructions to create a pop-up window with an enlarged altimeter which makes it easier to read the Kohlsmann scale numbers on small monitors or PCs with low end graphics cards. File:531Kb.

A "Proper" Joystick

A fairly large MS Word document describing, with numerous photographs, how Peter Dodds built a floor mounted joystick for more realism when flying "stick and rudder" aircraft. 10.5Mb

Glide Approach

An FSRecorder file of an approach to land at Gloucestershire on 22 grass in the Schleicher ASW28 glider.

Pilot Log Sheets

Here are five different versions of Pilot Logsheets for use while flying VFR. Download and unzip - the samples are in PDF format ready for printing.

Cessna 172N panel

The older Cessnas had plastic fascias to hide all those Phillips screwheads. If you prefer the 1970's plastic look, then you might like to install this panel instead of the default. 2.2Mb

Tiger Moth panel

This is a panel photographically modelled on the panel of a Tiger Moth based at Barton. Features a correctly working P-type compass (see below). 1.2Mb

The P-type Compass

Many vintage aircraft were equipped with this compass which would not look amiss on the bridge of an ocean-going liner. The model in FS9 in the De Havilland Comet does not work correctly because the needle does not point north, but to the heading you are flying. Navigating with a correct version is a bit more involved than just reading off a heading.  For pilots who like vintage aircraft this document explains a little of the history of the instrument, how to use it and pitfalls to watch out for.

P4 Compass for the Cix VFR Club Chipmunks

The Rick Piper DHC1 Chipmunk uses the Microsoft default P4 compass, which is displayed by clicking on the appropriate Simicon at the lower left of the 2-D Panel. This download replaces the default "Panel" folder and substitutes the default compass with one which works correctly.  All original files are retained within the folder, but renamed.