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Planned Excursions & Activities

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Luckla Escape
Wednesday April 10th 2019

An Earthquake has hit Nepal. Moments after the earthquake, an avalanche of falling ice came down from above Everest Base Camp (EBC). Rescue helicopters have found the climbers and are bringing them to Lukla. The climbers that are stranded at Lukla require onward transportation to Paro. GA STOL aircraft are being flown in with food & water supplies from the nearby Tumlingtar Airfield. Here is the Briefing Document.

Previous Star Event

Mel's March Mayhem
Tuesday March 26th 2019

This event is a salute to Mel Kirk, who designed the first 'Mel's Mad Monday'. It follows his original scenario of departing Shoreham, landing at a remote airfield, and returning to Shoreham where everyone was required to execute the infamous overhead join.  With a number of pilots arriving within a very short space of time, this resulted in a situation which could indeed be a bit mad - or even complete mayhem!  This months event, although held on a Tuesday, features two remote Airfields , with the possibility of requiring not one but two or even three overhead joins. Mayhem would therefore seem an appropriate description for this event. Here is the Briefing Document.

Farm Strips

The original 93 UK Farms Strips developed by Gerry Winskill, and the 10 developed by Pete Chapman, have been re-organised. The Farm Strips page gives the complete itinerary in groups, starting from Gloucestershire, and finishing eventually at Biggin Hill. A more formal start was made in January 2015. Usually two groups were assigned each month. Monthly assignments were shown on the Locations page, and details were discussed in the forum. Whilst that cycle has been completed, it is still possible to make your way round the planned route.

Informal Events

Club activities are discussed in the forum, which is open to club members only. These include a number of informal club events each of which is organised by an individual member or a small group of members. Some are short lived, but others turn into long running group activities. The more structured or recently active informal events are listed here with links to relevant forum topics for club members.

Beginners Night - A regular Monday evening surgery. Run by Mel Kirk to help beginners.

Don Johnson and Friends - Regular Tuesday evening group flights around Gloucestershire airfield.

Guided Tour - A trip around Europe, or foreign fields with flights on Wednesday evenings.

Friday Group Flight (FriesenFlieger + cix) - A Friday evening meeting with our German Friends.

Pan American Highway - A trip from Alaska in the north to Argentina in the south.

US State Capitals Tour - A trip around USA visiting all the State capitals.

Any Ideas?

If you have an idea for an event, why not email the Events Manager to discuss it?

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