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Club Events - Fun Around Shoreham
Sweaty Palms Briefing by: Mel Kirk & Tony Driver
  Briefing 21st April 2014
Overview This is based on a recent informal event run by Mel Kirk as one of his very popular Monday evening training sessions. It will be run on a multiplayer session and the Club TeamSpeak.
Start Time and Place This event will take place in the evening of 21st April. Join the multiplayer session hosted by Mel Kirk - details in the forum.
Weather ...or not We will use the FSX "Clear Skies" weather option, with time of day set for daylight.
Flight Planning The layout of the event is as follows:
  1. Depart from Shoreham
  2. Fly to Goodwood VOR via Littlehampton VRP
  3. At Goodwood VOR, call into A.T.C for touch and go at Shoreham, you will be given a downwind join.
  4. After touch and go, left hand turnout to Seaford VOR via Brighton Marina VRP.
  5. At Seaford VOR, Call in for touch and go at Shoreham, you will be given an overhead join.
  6. After touch and go, make a right hand turnout back to Goodwwod VOR via Littlehampton VRP.
  7. At Goodwood VOR, call in for full stop landing at Shoreham via Washington Intersection VRP.
  8. Simulate an engine failure at 1 mile out from Shoreham, get back in if you can.
Your flight plan and PIREP for the event should show:
Departure: EGKA Shoreham
Destination: EGKA Shoreham
What Should I Fly The choice is yours, but it should be an aircraft with which you are familiar.
ATC ATC cover for this event will be provided by Mel Kirk on TeamSpeak.
PIREP Don't forget to record your flight by submitting a PIREP. This will result in an event star award.
Radio Discipline Take care not to block ATC communications, be brief on Teamspeak, and be aware that others might be trying to get through.
Acknowledgements Event planning and Briefing: Mel Kirk and Tony Driver.
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