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Club Events - STOL at Knokke-Heist
A Virtual mimic of the Zoute Air Trophy Real World Event 16th-19th May 2019
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Briefing April 2019
Overview This month’s event is intended to provide a fun challenging event that requires skill, precision flight and precision landings followed by a bit of Navigation!
Scenario The Vintage Air Rally presents another unique event a STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) competition on the beach at Knokke-Heist in the Netherlands where pilots from around the world take part in this test of precision flight and precision landings and perhaps create some new world records! Oh, and when it is done, your aircraft is needed back at Manston. The real world event is planned for 16th-19th May, but because we’re not real world and because we can, we will show them how it is done. Please bring yourself in a sensible taildragger with your humour…This is one for a laugh!
Start Time and Place This event will take place on Tuesday 21st May 2019 starting around 18:00 -18:30hrs UDT using the VATSIM or IVAO network. However, if you choose IVAO, it may well be that you have no company.
Airmanship EHMZ Midden – Zeeland Airport, also known as Zeeland Airport, is located 5 NM (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) east northeast of Middelburg, Zeeland in the Netherlands, just south of the Veerse Meer lagoon. The airfield is uncontrolled and has a single grass runway of 1,000m in the 09/27 direction. At Knocke-Heiste there may be a numbert of aircraft circling round and flying tight low level circuits. Keep a good lookout.
Flight Planning

A single flight plan will be required to be submitted: EHMZ – EGMH via Knokke-Heist.

To set up Knokke-Heist on PlanG: Go to EHMZ A/F or the COA VOR.

  1. Put your cursor approx. 3nm W of COA VOR, on the beach.
  2. Right click, select 'Create user waypoint'.
  3. Starting from the top. Select 'Airstrip'.
  4. Enter Knokke-Heist.
  5. Enter HEIST
  6. EDIT Latitude to read 51.348883
  7. EDIT Longitude to read 3.2741611
  8. Hit OK.

Flight comments should include /V/ DAYLIGHT / CIX VFR CLUB /


Our now upcoming world class scenery maker Mr Ken Greer has created some brilliant Knokke-Heist scenery for FSX platforms. The scenery includes Marshall's tower, 500ft beach landing strip, breakwaters and parts of the town. For those using X-Plane, the beach can be landed on in ORBX. Check out the map fragments below too which explain the route and the beach layout.


Weather is to be manually set to clear skies, CAVOK, QNH 1013, but most importantly, surface winds set 245 degrees 08 kts.

What Aircraft can I fly Club members should fly taildragger of their choice. The purpose of the event is for both shortest landing and shortest take off. Fuel amount is also pilot’s choice, but there is a flight across the channel after Knokke-Heist. As normal, any dispensation or exceptions to this must be sought prior to the day of the event via the Management Team. At 80kts, less the beach shenanigans, flight time is 1:16.
Plan-G Flight Plan : Little Navmap Flight Plan

We have also created some chart fragments to help members plan their flights.
ATC At the time of publishing this event plan, it is expected to have Midden-Zeeland Tower available.  Check the forum for details on the day.
Radio Discipline Take care not to let our Teamspeak chat cut across ATC. Stop any conversation immediately the R/T comes alive, then continue if "he wasn't talking to us". This is difficult because when transmitting on Teamspeak you can't hear the R/T. So be brief on Teamspeak, and be aware that ATC might be trying to get through. If anyone hears an R/T message which seems to be being ignored, just say "ATC is calling G-CIXN" if you have identified the callsign, or "ATC is calling us" which is a cue for everyone to be quiet on Teamspeak until ATC call again (which they will). Remember too that if asked to "Stand By" by ATC, you do not reply - not even "Roger", but simply wait until you are called again.
Remember also that there are several different ATC frequencies in use, and you may not be able to hear when communications are taking place. Make sure you have set and know how to use a Teamspeak mute switch.
Acknowledgements Event planning: Dan Cooper, Neville Munro
Briefing: Dan Cooper
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