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Briefing MONTH 2019

This month's event is intended to provide members with revision on using the Manchester Low Level Route, sometimes called the Manchester Corridor, whilst remaining challenging and fun. We are also encouraging helicopter pilots to participate to add to the Carnage Fun.


The Manchester Low Level Route is a tricky and busy route between the Liverpool and Manchester Control Zones that is often not given the due respect it deserves (by both pilots and controllers in the Virtual World). Manchester International, EGCC, is a VATSIM training airport, and Manchester Barton, EGCB, is a favourite airfield of CIX VFR Club. An opportunity has presented itself where members can experience / practice the delights of the corridor, in a choice of either a fixed-wing or rotary aircraft, flying together on opposite sides of a 20 x 4 mile corridor at less than 1300ft!.

Start Time and Place

This event will take place on Tuesday 13th August 2019 starting at 1830UTC on VATSIM (due to regular ATC in the Manchester region). This date may change, so check the Forum for updates.

Flight Planning

In the days before the event you'll need to do some preparation. Study the provided information and do some research. To add some further realism of congestion and provide two way traffic in the corridor, there will be two routes:

  • Route 1
    • Leg 1 EGNH– EGNR (South via the Corridor)
    • Leg 2 EGNR – EGCB (North via the Corridor)
    • Leg 3 EGCB – EGCV (South via the Corridor)
  • Route 2
    • Leg 1 EGCV – EGCB (North via the Corridor)
    • Leg 2 EGCB – EGNR (South via the Corridor)
    • Leg 3 EGNR – EGNH (North via the Corridor)

It is kindly requested that members split themselves evenly amongst the 2 routes on the night and fly a light GA aircraft such as a C172 (or similar) or their preferred light helicopter.


Flight Plans are not provided for this event as it is your job to plan your routes in and out of the Low Level Route.

What Aircraft can I fly

Any aircraft can be flown in this event as long as it is within the EASA "Light" category (see Club Rules for details) although a C172 or similar light aircraft is preferred. For the rotary pilots, something that will cruise at around 90 - 120kts.

Weather... or Not Before starting we will check the weather. If it is unsuitable for our trip as planned, then we will fix it. Something we can do in the simulator - wouldn't it be nice if we could do it in real life! FSInn has a "CAVOK" button. Click this and you get calm clear weather. Those using SquawkboxB or XSquawkbox will need to turn off the on-line weather updates, and select calm in the FS weather options.
ATC At the time of publishing this event plan, ATC has been requested but not confirmed.  Check the forum for details on the day.

There are a number of important rules that apply for both the airfields and the Low Level Corridor, including ATC listening frequencies, conspicuity codes and heights. All participants are requested to fully research before the event.

Radio Discipline Take care not to let our Teamspeak chat cut across ATC. Stop any conversation immediately the R/T comes alive, then continue if "he wasn't talking to us". This is difficult because when transmitting on Teamspeak you can't hear the R/T. So be brief on Teamspeak, and be aware that ATC might be trying to get through. If anyone hears an R/T message which seems to be being ignored, just say "ATC is calling G-CIXN" if you have identified the callsign, or "ATC is calling us" which is a cue for everyone to be quiet on Teamspeak until ATC call again (which they will). Remember too that if asked to "Stand By" by ATC, you do not reply - not even "Roger", but simply wait until you are called again.
Remember also that there are several different ATC frequencies in use, and you may not be able to hear when communications are taking place. Make sure you have set and know how to use a Teamspeak mute switch.
Club Star Award

The Club “STAR” will only be awarded for flights on Route 1 or Route 2 on Tuesday 13th August 2019. As normal, any dispensation or exceptions to this must be sought prior to the day of the event via the Management Team.

Acknowledgements Event Idea: Dennis Hardy
Event planning: Dan Cooper
Briefing: Dan Cooper
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