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Based on the Novel "Wanted" by Tim Arnot
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Briefing 12th August 2015

The title of the August Event "Flick's Wanted Route" is almost self-explanatory! We will following the route described in Tim's book "Wanted" when Flick escaped from Faringdon and fled to Bristol. While not absolutely necessary, this event will be much more fun for those who have "photo" scenery and can identify the ground landmarks.

Start Time and Place

The event may be flown on any day in August, however the date of Wednesday 12th has been chosen for those who wish to fly in company. I would advise that if you do want to fly with other members on the 12th then log onto Teamspeak by 1900z (2000 UK Local).
The advantage of a weight-shift microlight (see aircraft below) is that it doesn't absolutely need an airfield, so using PlanG's facility to "Move the aircraft here" we can start at the flint pit above the Uffington White Horse. It will also allow us to land on the grass at the now disused Filton airfield avoiding the concrete blocks placed on the runway.
(If you don't have PlanG then take off from Fairford, and do a "T&G" at the start waypoint!)

What Aircraft can I fly

Any aircraft can be flown in this event as long as it is within the EASA GA category, however in the "spirit" of this event I suggest using a flexiwing/weight-shift microlight, such as the default air-creation Trike. () Choose a registration that fits with the book, I shall be using G-SCAV, other suggestions are G-FLIK, G-SHEA, G-ADAM, etc. - Read Tim's book and get inventive!

Flight Planning Your flight plan should show:
  • Departure = XXXX (Uffington Castle)
  • Destination = EGTG (Bristol Filton)
  • Route = XXXX to EGTG Via Faringdon, Oldland Copse, Cowleaze Fm, Wayland's Smithy, Fox Hill, Avebury, Box, Londonderry Farm, Filton
  • Comments = /V/ DAYLIGHT / CIX VFR CLUB /

At 50 knots this Route should take about 1hour 30 minutes.

The Plan-G file for this Event can be downloaded from HERE.


At the time of publishing this event plan, ATC has not been confirmed.

Radio Discipline

Take care not to let our Teamspeak chat cut across ATC. Stop any conversation immediately the R/T comes alive, then continue if "he wasn't talking to us". This is difficult because when transmitting on Teamspeak you can't hear the R/T. So be brief on Teamspeak, and be aware that ATC might be trying to get through. If anyone hears an R/T message which seems to be being ignored, just say "ATC is calling G-CIXN" if you have identified the callsign, or "ATC is calling us" which is a cue for everyone to be quiet on Teamspeak until ATC call again (which they will). Remember too that if asked to "Stand By" by ATC, you do not reply - not even "Roger", but simply wait until you are called again.

Remember also that there are several different ATC frequencies in use, and you may not be able to hear when communications are taking place. Make sure you have set and know how to use a Teamspeak mute switch.

Acknowledgements Event planning: Max Symons
Briefing: Max Symons
Route definition/description: Flick Carter (i.e.Tim Arnot)
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