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Events History - 2015

Details of 2015 Star Events

Hogmanay Run
January 1st - 31st 2015

The January Event will be a "Hogmanay Run" through the Western Highlands in three legs. Legs 1 & 2 count towards this month's star, leg 3 is optional but takes in some impressive scenery along the Great Glen. For full details, see the Briefing Document

Birthday Bash
February 25th 2015

The February Event is to celebrate our 12th Birthday. History of the Formation and early development of the club is covered on the Background page on the Club web site. Full details of the celebrations are covered in the Forum.

Sydney Scenic
March 24th 2015

The March Event has been developed by club member DavidBuderim. It is a flight around the Sydney area of Australia starting and finishing at Bankstown. Full details in the Briefing Document

South Africa Tour
April 13th 2015

The April Event has been developed by Mark Hubbard and Len Henning. We will be visiting South Africa - still avoiding the currently rather variable weather in the UK! Full details in the Briefing Document

Jutland Tour
May 5th 2015

The May Event has been developed by Tomas Linnet. We will be visiting Denmark for a tour around Jutland. Full details in the Briefing Document

Historic Wiltshire
June 17th 2015

The June Event has been developed by David Buderim. We will be flying a scenic tour around Wiltshire looking for White Horses and Stonehenge. Full details in the Briefing Document

VFR Norway Visit
July 14th 2015

The July Event has been developed by Mathias Fossum. It takes to Norway for some spectacular scenery. Full details in the Briefing Document

Flick's Wanted Route
August 12th 2015

The title of the August Event is almost self-explanatory! We will following the route described in Tim Arnot's book "Wanted" when Flick escaped from Faringdon and fled to Bristol. Full details in the Briefing Document

East Anglia Revisited
September 17th and 24th 2015

This is a repeat of a very popular event from several years ago. Starting from Biggin Hill following the coast line to Norwich. Then part two is a cross country VFR challenge back to Biggin Hill via Bury St Edmunds between two military zones, and a London Luton zone transit. Full details in the Outbound Briefing Document and the Return Briefing Document

Switzerland Link Up
October 20th 2015

This month we are visiting Switzerland, starting from Geneva (LSGG) and flying to Bern (LSZB). The route takes us past both Lausanne (LSGL) and Neuchatel (LSGN), hence optional T&Gs or even Full-stop landings to regroup are possible.
We should have company en-route as this is a joint event with our sister club in Switzerland "". Here is the Briefing Document

Around York
November 19th 2015

For the November Event we will be visiting God's Own County ie. Yorkshire.
Here is the Briefing Document

Wise Men
December 2015

The December Event, traditionally known as the Christmas Caper, is set in the Middle East, following the trail which might have been used by three wise men many years ago.
Here is the Briefing Document

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