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Briefing 5th May 2015

The May Event we will be visiting Jutland

Start Time and Place

The event may be flown on any day in May, however it should ideally be flown on Tuesday 5th May. I would advise that if you do want to fly with other members during the event then log onto Teamspeak on Tuesday 5th at 1830z (1930 UK time=BST).
Note: This is the anniversary of the date on which Denmark was liberated from Nazi occupoation in 1945.

What Aircraft can I fly

Any aircraft can be flown in this event as long as it is within the EASA GA category.

Flight Planning

We start from EKEB RWY26 Esbjerg, the 5th largest city in Denmark, it used to be a full of fishing vessels, but is now the Danish off shore capital. about 11,000 people are working within the oil and gas industry in Esbjerg, including myself. Esbjerg Airport has daily flights to the North Sea Oil rigs with helicopter and several other daily flight to the other oil and gas capitals at the North Sea e.g Aberdeen(Scotland) and Stavanger(Norway).

After departure continiue runway heading for the HP NDB 376KHZ overhead HP turn to heading 327 to fly overhead Oksbøl where I live with my wife and two children. My home is on the 336 radial 1,3NM outboud VES. Oksbøl was the home for many refugees after the war where up to 36,000 people were living. Oksbøl now has just under 3,000 residents.

West of Oksbøl you see Kallemærsk Hede the largest area (6,500 acres) in Denmark used for military training. Watch out for RDAF F-16 Fighting Falcons, C130 Hercules and AS-550 Fennec, as they are regular guests in the area. Just kidding, I've made sure no one will be firing live rounds when we pass (don't be late though. ;) If you use Tileproxy I think you'll be able to see the trails the mighty Leopard 2A5DK leaves in the moor.

After passing overhead Oksbøl (no noise abatement procedures active BTW) turn right to 349 and fly overhead Ringkøbing Fjord to Hvide Sande a town west which grew around the sluices that control the water level in Ringkøbing Fjord, which is only 5 metres deep.

When passing Hvide Sande we'll intercept the 180 inbound radial at RAM VOR 11,85MHz. 17NM out you'll see the crash site where a RAAF Lancaster was shot down September 3rd 1943. All of Lancaster EE138's crew where lost in the crash. The crash site is now an official war grave as none of the eight young men were recovered from the wreck. In 1947 the RAF tried to recover the aircraft, but they did not succeed. Pieces recovered from the aircraft confirmed that it was EE138 and crew in the marshy ground.

Lest we forget.

The scenery is made by club member Chris Vincent who did an outstanding job recreating this site in FSX, every detail is captured. Thank you so much for your time! More details about EE138 and her crew can be found at this site is made and maintained by some of the crews relatives in Australia.

With a left hand turn around the EE138 crash site, head direct the VJ NDB 328KHz at Stauning, doing this will take you directly over Lem, where a guy called Peder Hansen started a company called VEstjysk-STålteknik A/S. This name was later shortened to VESTAS and is now a leading manufacturer of windturbines. I worked here for 6 years.

Stauning is host to an airshow every year, and has been a major part in the interest I have for aviation, as my Father took me there when I was a young boy. Stauning is also the place to find the Danish Aviation museum. 57 airplanes are on display, some of them in airworthy condition and 13 more are in restoration or storage. On display you'll find anything from a replica of the 1906 Ellehammer aircraft, to an ex-RDAF F-16A. In the hanger you'll also find Spitfire MKIX HF MA298 and several Chipmunks.

Take a left turn overhead the VJ NDB and after 47 NM you will see the highest natural point in Denmark. Since it only 170.86 metres MSL you'll probably miss it, nothing much to see here anyway....continue to the east and after passing the E45 highway turn left heading 044 and have a look at Aarhus. With almost 260,000 residents Aarhus is the largest city in Jutland and the 2nd largest in Denmark. A big Art museum can be found here.....I've never been there, and I don't know anything about it....If I want to go see art, I'll go to Stauning for the Spitfire ;-)

Over Aarhus harbour turn left to 344 and aim for EKRD, use this landmark to fix your position in order to fly overhead Hobro. Hobro is the home town of Danish race driver and Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen, he still lives here with wife and children, so watch out for fast Audis ;-)

After Hobro turn right and go direct AAL VOR 116.7MHz, this will lead you on track to land at 26R at EKYT. Aalborg is the 4th largest city in Denmark. During the war a group of Blenheim Bombers attacked Aalborg Airport, at that time in German hands. The Blenheims were spotted when they crossed the Danish Coast just south of the EE138 crash site. All 11 aircraft that crossed the Danish Coast were shot down and 20 of the 33 crew members were killed. The Blenheims belonged to 82nd squadron and were also known as the doomed squadron.

Time to cheer up, the Jutland tour is complete.

Tak for turen :-)


Your flight plan should show:
  • Departure = EKEB (Esbjerg)
  • Destination = EKYT (Aalborg)
  • Route = EKEB to EKYT Via HP, Oksbøl, Ringkøbing Fjord, Hvide Sande, EE138 crash site, Stauning, Aarhus, EKRD, Hobro, AAL
  • Comments = /V/ DAYLIGHT / CIX VFR CLUB /

The Plan-G files for this Event can be downloaded from HERE. There are two PLG files one for the full route and one for a shortened route going from Stauning to Aalborg.


Three addon scenery files are available for this event to improve your experience.


At the time of publishing this event plan, ATC has not been confirmed, but Tomas is hoping to get EKEB and EKYT TWR manned for us.

Radio Discipline

Take care not to let our Teamspeak chat cut across ATC. Stop any conversation immediately the R/T comes alive, then continue if "he wasn't talking to us". This is difficult because when transmitting on Teamspeak you can't hear the R/T. So be brief on Teamspeak, and be aware that ATC might be trying to get through. If anyone hears an R/T message which seems to be being ignored, just say "ATC is calling G-CIXN" if you have identified the callsign, or "ATC is calling us" which is a cue for everyone to be quiet on Teamspeak until ATC call again (which they will). Remember too that if asked to "Stand By" by ATC, you do not reply - not even "Roger", but simply wait until you are called again.

Remember also that there are several different ATC frequencies in use, and you may not be able to hear when communications are taking place. Make sure you have set and know how to use a Teamspeak mute switch.

Acknowledgements Event planning: Tomas Linnet
Briefing: Tomas Linnet & Tony Driver.
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