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Flight Training Manual

Learn to Fly Flight Simulator

This is a series of documents in pdf format on the theory and practice of flying, based on real world flight training manuals. Its target audience is those virtual pilots who want to fly to a high standard and to understand the basic underlying principles of flight. It is essential reading for members wishing to undertake ab initio flying training, forming the "Ground School" theory lessons every virtual pilot needs. Each separate section covers a particular topic. Presently published exercises may be downloaded by clicking on the blue text for each of the documents shown below. Additional sections are published as required.

Download Description Version Issue Date
Exercise 1 The aircraft on the ground 1.5 22/08/2012
Exercise 2 Preparation for flight 1.5 14/02/2012
Exercise 3 The aircraft in flight 1.3 31/07/2012
Exercise 4a Primary effect of controls 1.3 08/03/2021
Exercise 4b Secondary effect of controls 1.1 13/05/2007
Exercise 4c Trimming 1.4 04/08/2012
Exercise 5 Taxiing 1.1 09/03/2021
Exercise 6 Flying Straight and Level 1.2 31/07/2012
Exercise 7 Climbing 1.1 04/08/2012
Exercise 8 Descending 1.1 31/07/2012
Exercise 9 Turning 1.2 07/06/2013
Exercise 10a Slow Flight 1.0 02/02/2012
Exercise 10b Stalling 1.2 09/03/2021
Exercise 11 Spin Avoidance 1.2 09/03/2021
Exercise 12 The VFR Circuit - The Climb to Downwind 1.5 29/08/2012
Exercise 13 The VFR Circuit - The Approach and Landing 1.1 04/08/2012
Exercise 13E Emergencies on Take Off and Landing 1.0 04/08/2012
Exercise 18a Basic Navigation Theory 1.6 09/03/2021
Exercise 18d Practical Navigation - Flight Planning; the Pilot's Log; Flying your Flight Plan 1.4 09/03/2021
Exercise 20 Departing the Circuit for a cross-country flight 1.2 18/04/2011
Exercise 21 Preparation for arrival at an Aerodrome 1.0 19/09/2008
Exercise 22 The various procedures for joining the circuit to land at an Aerodrome 1.1 09/12/2008
Exercise 31 The Cix VFR Club Single Engined Aircraft Pilot Training syllabus. Between 7 and 12 hours of tuition using FSX shared cockpit mode will make you a REAL FS pilot, not just an autopilot junkie! 1.6 27/04/2017
Exercise 33 A checklist for flying with Flight Simulator from Pre-flight preparation, through the flight detail to Closedown and log-off. 1.3 14/05/2014
Exercise 34 A checklist for the Cessna 172 for flight Simulator use. 1.0 13/02/2013
Aircraft Systems All you ever wanted to know about the technical side of aircraft, aircraft equipment and instrumentation presented as a series of hyperlinks to the best internet sources the Club could discover. 2.01 31/07/2013
Radiotelephony Manual The use of voice communications adds a great deal of realism to the Flightsim world. Pilots feel the same pressure to perfiorm properly as do real world pilots To help members, we have produced a tutorial, based on real world practice, but adapted for use on VATSIM or IVAO. 2.0 01/07/2013
CEPHACER This is the mnemonic for the Airborne Flight Plan, the most used and yet most abused of all the standard radio calls. Learn it well for you will need to say it often, but don't "rattle it off", that's unprofessional. You need to be clearly understood, first time. THAT is being professional. 1.3 16/01/2008