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Information provided by the Club


This page contains links to all the software which you need to fly with the Club. Some are alternatives, some are not essential, but are either preferable to have installed, or simply useful to make life easier while flying with us. Please read the descriptions to help you decide which software you need and which is preferable or useful.


For VFR flight, it is important to know exactly where you are by looking out of the window and correlating what you see with what is on your map. To do this successfully, you need obvious features which you can instantly find on the map - a lake, a railway station etc. The addon scenery created especially for the Club is used in some of our events.

Other addon scenery is valuable simply to increase the realism of your flights. If there is a factory half way between airports, whose very tall and obvious chimney is always even more obviously smoking - it would be good to see this in Flight Simulator.


For useful or interesting files which don't really belong anywhere else!