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Event History from 2004

The Club was founded in February 2004 and from July of that year, held a gathering one a month to fly somewhere interesting or new (or both!). For the first two years members met on the apron of the departure and arrival aerodromes, and sort of sat looking at eacg other. In 2006, we started using TeamSpeak and finally, members were able to talk to each other. In recent years many other similar activities take place, some weekly as specialist groups such as "Tuesday Night with Don Johnson and Friends", as members have moved beyong the United Kingdom's shores to explore the world. This table opens a page for each year, with a brief outline of the Monthly Events, together with a link to the original Briefing Document. Members can of course fly these routes at any time they wish.

Monthly Events 2004 - 2019
2004 Events List 2004
2005 Events List 2005
2006 Events List 2006
2007 Events List 2007
2008 Events List 2008
2009 Events List 2009
2010 Events List 2010
2011 Events List 2011
2012 Events List 2012
2013 Events List 2013
2014 Events List 2014
2015 Events List 2015
2016 Events List 2016
2017 Events List 2017
2018 Events List 2018
2019 Events List 2019