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Events History - 2017

Details of 2017 Star Events

Mad Monday
January 2017

Mad Monday was planned to create mayhem around Shoreham and Goodwood. Peter Memmott's revolutionary "JoinFS" was used to connect pilots to a "club only" session, with pilots split into two groups. More details are available in the club forum.
Here is the Briefing Document

Birthday Bash
February 2017

The 2017 Birthday Bash Event was a gathering on Teamspeak on 24th February to watch a youtube video of the display.
The link to the youtube video was announced in the forum two days before the event.
Here is the Briefing Document

North Wales Helicopter
March 2017

The March Event was a helicopter exercise in North Wales. More details are available in the club forum.
Here is the Briefing Document

Tierra del Fuego
April 2017

Isla de los Estados - Staten Island, is a remote wild Island at the eastern tip of Tierra del Fuego, south of Patagonia, near the Cape Horn and the Drake passage. This island has been very recently opened to tourism.
Here is the Briefing Document

Accurate Flying
May 2017

Starting out of Gloucestershire (EGBJ), you follow instructions as accurately as possible. "Turn left, turn left again, turn right" - the instructor barks his commands every few seconds. If you have obeyed his instructions accurately, you will end up back where you started at EGBJ. There's a competition for the member who flies the sortie in the least time without missing a turn.
Here is the Briefing Document

We did not hold an event in June this year.

July 2017

In July, members visited the northern RAF Bomber Command bases (about half of the bases in the country).
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Severn River Ramble
September 2017

The September Event was an exercise to trace the course of the River Severn from sea to source. The Severn is England's longest river at over 200 statute miles. The tourincluded lowland meanders, navigable waters, mountain stream and springs.
Here is the Briefing Document

We did not hold an event in August this year.

The Autumn Display
October 2017

The second of our two annual Air Shows took place on Wednesday 11th October. This year it was at Duxford and featured our Tiger Moth formation team, the virtual Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, the CATS (our amazing aerobatic team of EXTRA pilots), and the CHIPS - a flight of deHavilland Chipmunks doing wheelies and stuff - plus solo displays, giving an evening of unparalleled flight simulator entertainment.
Here is the Briefing Document

Danger! Danger!
November 2017

The November Event was a microlight event and was also an exercise in map-reading / navigation by using ground features. (Plan-G could be used to plan the route, but its use for navigation was strongly depracated!). To fly the route, members "simply" had to keep out of "Danger" (areas D132, D133 and D133A to be precise), as well as Heathrow's Class D Airspace.
Here is the Briefing Document.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
December 2017

The December Event was our Annual Christmas Caper. This year we toured the sunny Carribean Islands while those at home shivered. Here is the Briefing Document.