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2-4-CIX Display Team Leaders

2-4-CIX is the Club's Display and Aerobatics division. There are four teams - the Tigers, Flying Dehavilland DH82 Tiger Moths, the Chips, flying Dehavilland DHC2 Chipmunks, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, featuring an Avro Lancaster, a Hawker Hurricane and a Supermarine Spitfire. The teams put on displays for the Club once or twice a year normally, or for special occasions.

2-4-CIX Coordinator and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Leader

Ben King

Ben is a young and passionate fanatic about anything and everything aviation. From attending airshows since he was young, to picking up gliding in 2017 - even flying with the Fleet Air Arm for three weeks in 2019 with cadets. Ben knew he was set on an aviation career - specifically aspiring towards becoming a Pilot in the Royal Air Force after his A-Levels. Joining the Club at the start of 2020, he soon became drawn into the 2-4-CIX Display Teams, taking up the positions of CAT4 and TIGER6, before taking over as the Leader of the vBBMF from Peter Dodds after the 2020 Season. In February 2021, Ben took on the role of 2-4-CIX Coordinator from his predecessor, Max Symons. When not flying with 2-4-CIX, Ben can be found either flying regularly on Sunday mornings, or dipping his toes into Instrument flying on VATSIM.

Tigers Team Leader

Peter Memmott

Peter took an active interest in the flight simulation world relatively recently, although he says he has always had a passing interest and in fact started his career working for a leading computer game developer specializing in flight simulation. Joining CIX VFR Club was a big step towards becoming a proficient and confident virtual pilot, and joining the 2-4-CIX teams has opened up even more possibilities for enjoying this great hobby. Peter has successfully passed his VATSIM P1 and P2 ratings with the club. Peter is the author of JoinFS, one of the most significant software tools for flight simulation - both FSX family and X-Plane in recent years.  He has also created a remarkable autogen scenery generator for the FSX family - Landscape GB, which almost puts a building or a tree exactly where one exists in the real world, or at least in the Horizon Generation-X photographic scenery.

CATs Team Leader

Don Johnson

Don used to work as ground crew in the fleet Air Arm and worked on Electrical and Instruments on various aircraft. Most of these took part in Air Displays. Don has been interested in Virtual Flying since getting a copy FS3 and playing with it at lunch times at work. Since then he has had most versions Microsoft's flight sims. After redundancy in the 1980s he has had various jobs ending with IT support. He is now very much retired and enjoys flying with the Club on Tuesdays and with the CIX Aerobatics Team (CATs) who fly the Extra 300 in FSX.