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Monthly Star Events

Members taking part in these events on the specified day or days in the briefing, will be awarded a star which is displayed alongside their flight record in the Members List

January - Tuesday 22nd - A Trip to the Tower

Members of CIX VFR Club were invited to have a look round the airfield, including the tower, at Manchester International Airport. After the guided tour, Garibaldi biscuits & Yorkshire tea, we filed our flight plan for the trip home and departed the way we came. Here is the Briefing Document.

February - Monday 18th - Birthday Fly-in

Start from wherever you wish, but do arrange to arrive at Wellesbourne Mountford EGBW between 1845Z and 2015Z. Here is the Briefing Document .

March - Tuesday 26th - Mels Mad Monday March Mayhem

This event is a salute to Mel Kirk, who designed the first 'Mel's Mad Monday'. It follows his original scenario of departing Shoreham, landing at a remote airfield, and returning to Shoreham where everyone was required to execute the infamous overhead join. With a number of pilots arriving within a very short space of time, this resulted in a situation which could indeed be a bit mad - or even complete mayhem! This months event, although held on a Tuesday, features two remote Airfields, with the possibility of requiring not one but two or even three overhead joins. Mayhem would therefore seem an appropriate description for this event. Here is the Briefing Document.

April - Wednesday April 10th - Lukla Escape

This event is a challenge to all you STOL types to land on three of the most extreme airports in the world, in the Himalayas. You have rescued some climbers and now have to get them and yourself to safety!  Here is the Briefing Document.

May - Tuesday 21st - STOL Event

Short take off and landing on the beach at Knocke-Heist in The Netherlands, preferably in vintage aircraft. Here is the Briefing Document.

June - Friday 7th - Senior Pilot

This month's event is a celebration and to some extent, a re-enactment of the flying career of one the Club's celebrity members whose 99th birthday falls on June 7th.   His flying career started with the Southport Aero Club at RAF Woodvale (EGOW) in 1961, so that's where we are going for a spin. Here is the Briefing Document

July - Tuesday 23rd - Drag your tail 2 Oshkosh 2019

The Club has visited Oshkosh several times over the years, once indeed departing from the UK, and flying "across the pond" via Iceland and Greenland in our small aircraft. Once again, members are invited to take part in the exciting flight into Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH), in the the state of Wisconsin, USA, replicationg and mimicking the real world OSHKOSH event which takes place this year from 22nd to 28th July. Here is the Briefing Document.

August - Tuesday August 13th - Corridor Carnage

The Manchester Low Level Route is a tricky and busy route between the Liverpool and Manchester Control Zones that is often not given the due respect it deserves (by both pilots and controllers in the Virtual World). An opportunity has presented itself where members can experience / practice the delights of the Low Level Route, sometimes called the Manchester Corridor, in a choice of either a fixed-wing or rotary aircraft, flying together on opposite sides of the 20nm long by 4nm wide corridor at less than 1300ft!. Here is the Briefing Document.

September - Biggles Escapes

Re-enact one of Capt. W.E.John's famous hero's flights in Norway, flying a floatplane through spectacular fjords and valleys, avoiding enemy radar, and finally landing in the fjord near Stokka. Ginger and Algy come to your rescue and you escape back to England with the Luftwaffe on your tail. Here is the Briefing Document.

October - Lofty's Lessons

Try to fly with our CFI! This month we face the challenge of a night flight round London's controlled airspace to enable a friend to take some night photographs of Gatwick's runway 08 for publication in the Virtual Pilot Magazine. Here is the Briefing Document.

November - Club Display event

2-4-CIX and the virtual Battle of Britain Memorial Flight strut their stuff with fly-pasts and spectacular aerobatic formations. This year our display is being held at our Gloucestershire base. Here is the Briefing Document for spectators.

December - Christmas Caper

Our usual December month long tour of somewhere scenic and interesting. Here is the Briefing Document

For these events, don't forget to complete your PIREP in order to collect your STARS