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Monthly Star Events

Members taking part in these events on the specified day or days in the briefing, will be awarded a star which is displayed alongside their flight record in the Members List

January - 2-4-CIX 2021 Annual Display

After postponing the Annual 2-4-CIX Display in November due to poor weather, the teams are proud to announce that 2021's Annual Display will take place on Tuesday 18th January 2022. Get your aircraft fired up at Gloucester and fly into Kemble. Get parked up in good time to watch the display which kicks off at 1930L on the dot! . Here is the Briefing Document.

February - Biggles - Romance in the Air?

Another exciting story from the pen of Capt. P.W. Dodds! On leave in the South of France, Biggles is persuaded to hire an aircraft and take a young French lady sightseeing in the Pyrenees. Will romance blossom? Here is the Briefing Document.

March - Cheltenham Festival

This month we will all fly our favourite Gold Cup jockey or well-heeled spectators into the temporary airfield (EGBC) used for one of horse-racing's major annual events - the Cheltenham Festival and it's most celebrated race, The Cheltenham Gold Cup. Helicopters recommended. Here is the Briefing Document.

April - Another Visit to the Himalayas.

We are visiting four himalayan airfields on this trip, including the famous Lukla.

Here is the Briefing Document.

May - Mel's Mad May Mayhem

This event is another of our Mayhem challenges - this time to fly into and out of Norwich EGSH and four small nearby airfields, with a significant amount of other VFR traffic all arriving at, or departing Norwich within a 2 hour time slot. Here is the Briefing Document.

June - One hundred and Two Years

This month we celebrate the life of our late departed senior member who passed away in April, just two months short of his 102nd birthday. Here is the Briefing Document.

July - Oshkosh 2022

Oshkosh is ON this year in the real world. We will visit once again, but this year, you should preferably fly an aircraft which perhaps you have not tried before. Here is the Briefing Document.