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Monthly Star Events

Members taking part in these events on the specified day or days in the briefing, will be awarded a star which is displayed alongside their flight record in the Members List

January - Just...flapless!

Mechanical systems fail as do electrical motors. In the real world aircraft, flaps are operated either mechanically or electrically.   Therefore, you must be able to prove you can land your airframe without flaps to achieve a rating for that airframe. We can disable the flaps in the simulator too1. For our first event of 2021, we will make five flights in the month, approaching and landing on ever shorter runways without flaps. Here is the Briefing Document.

February - Biggles - Somewhere in Morocco

Another exciting story from the pen of Capt. P.W. Dodds! Somewhere in the Moroccan desert, there is an airstrip. Find it or else! Here is the Briefing Document.

March - Cheltenham Festival

This month we will all fly our favourite Gold Cup jockey or well-heeled spectators into the temporary airfield (EGBC) used for one of horse-racing's major annual events - the Cheltenham Festival and it's most celebrated race, The Cheltenham Gold Cup. Helicopters recommended. Here is the Briefing Document.

April - Another Tour of Extreme Airfields

By popular demand, this event is a challenge to all the Club's STOL enthusiasts to land at two more extreme Airfields in the Alps. One is a large airport in a deep valley, the other a wild runway on a steep mountainside., Here is the Briefing Document.

May - Mel's Mad May Mayhem

This event is another challenge - this time to fly beneath the London TMA, north of Shoreham, with a significant amount of other VFR traffic all arriving at, or departing Shoreham to all the Club's within a 2 hour slot. Here is the Briefing Document.

June - Senior Member and Executive Twins

Our senior member celebrates his 101th birthday this month. We celebrate by flying a executive turboprop twin or bizjet as he did occasionally during his flying career. Here is the Briefing Document.