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The following members are always willing to receive emails on any subject regarding the clubs activities. Email addresses are encrypted for security - the encryption process requires JavaScript and an email client to be active.
Click on the @ icon to send an email to the person you wish to contact.

 @ Director of Operations

 Dan Cooper - General enquiries about the Club. Suggestions from members for activities, particularly involving different aircraft, different scenery etc., in the UK or travelling further afield and offers to help run such events are very welcome.

 @ Chief Flying Instructor

 Requests for general information regarding Training and VATSIM Pilot Ratings. Position temporarily vacant.

 @ Forum Manager

 Pete Allnutt - Provides our web space and maintains the Forum code with modifications and additions used by the club.

 @ Membership Secretary

 Dennis Hardy - How to join, what to expect on joining, and any other queries regarding membership of the Club.

 @ Webmaster

 Peter Dodds - Queries and contributions to the web site, particularly any related to errors and omissions.

 @ 2-4-Cix Aerobatic Teams Coordinator

 Max Symons - If you want a display at your event, either by light aircraft, or the virtual Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, or for information on the teams activities.