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The Advantages of Joining

Why Fly VFR?

VFR is flying by reference to ground features, under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) rather than autopilot and radio navigation. Is it more fun; is it more of a challenge than globe trotting in big jets? Find out here.

Join the Club

Simply click the Join the Club header above which will take you to the forum sign in page.  Click the "Register" option from the main menu at the top left of the page.  After registering an account on the Forum, you will be contacted by the Membership Secretary by email.   On receiving your reply, he will register you as a Member in your requested category, and explain how to access the club's TeamSpeak server. Help completing the form.

Associate Club Membership

Associate Membership will be given to anyone who wishes to maintain contact with the club, but does not take part in Club activities for any reason.  Associate members will be promoted to Full Membership after making a qualifying Club Flight as defined in the Club Rules.

Full Club Membership

Associate members will be promoted to full membership as soon as they have recorded a club flight. Full members are included in the List of Full Members together with some details of their club activity.

Code of Conduct

The club tries to be as professional as possible within the online VATSIM community, while being as informal as possible outside the flying environment.  Because VATSIM attracts Flight Simulator enthusiasts of all ages and experience, there are times when flights do not run smoothly.  Therefore the Club has produced a Code of Conduct for its members which not only sets out how members should conduct their fights on VATSIM, but explains the reasons why a Code of Conduct helps them to have as much fun as possible in their online flying. Please read this document, and be ready to deal with any eventuality in a professional way.

Rules of Membership

The club tries to be as informal as possible outside the flying environment (which of course necessitates stricter discipline). The four main membership rules are set out below.  However, please read the full club rules.

Rule 1 - Members must subscribe to and read the Club's forum.

Rule 2 - Members must comply with the full club rules, and the rules of VATSIM or IVAO and the Internet.

Rule 3 - Full Members must take part in at least one club event every 3 calendar months, This rule will be administered with flexibility, as there may be reasons known to the club why this is not possible in some cases.

Rule 4 - Lapsed members may of course re-apply to join the club.

Star Award System

The club runs a system of awarding stars for flying in to or out of a club base, for flying in to a guest field or for taking part in specific events. Please see the Star rules to see how stars are awarded.

What is CIX?

CIX is a UK based conferencing system based on the same lines as Compuserve used to be. It pre-dates the boom in consumer access to the Internet here in the UK, and the phenomenon that is the World Wide Web, but has continued to be a great source of information and friendship to its members. The founding members of the club were all members of CIX and this is where the club started in 2004. CIX continues today via the web or using a special offline tool, if you wish to know more have a look at the CIX website.

Should I join CIX?

There is no requirement to join CIX to be member of the CIX VFR Club. As stated above, the CIX in the name is historical. CIX is pronounced "kicks" by the way. CIX can be useful and fun, though it is a subscription based service. Find out here if joining CIX is for you.