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Software Required, Recommended and Useful for Club Flights

The programs here are listed in an approximate order of importance. Members' suggestions for useful and interesting links will be gladly received. Email suggestions to the Webmaster by clicking the following icon. @

Pilot Communication Software

Members special software to be able to connect to VATSIM or IVAO, receive ATC and see other aircraft. The software required for each simulator and each online service is set out in the following table.

Online Communication Software
FSX and
Squawkbox or
FSInn or
P3D vPilot IvAp2
X-Plane XSquawkbox XIvAp
Click the links to download

Note: For Prepare3D, vPilot is recommended.


Version 3 of this voice over internet application is used by the club for internal chat during meetings and events. The TeamSpeak client is therefore an essential download for Club members. The login information may be found in the forum here (Club members only). The previous version, TeamSpeak 2, is used with IvAp2, and the latest version of IvAp2 will automatically install TeamSpeak 2. TeamSpeak 2 is included in the downloads of IVaP2 and X-IvAp, but it does not install automatically in xIvAp.


This is an excellent (and probably the first free) VFR flight planning tool, written by Club member Tim Arnot.  The first version was launched in 2010, and it still being enhanced and updated. Based on an online Map and a database it builds from your Flight Simulator, it provides everything the Virtual pilot requires for flight planning and monitoring, including flight tracking, instrument panel and display of other aircraft. It is so useful it has become almost as essential for Club members as TeamSpeak. It was designed with the VFR pilot in mind so does not include IFR procedures or airways.


This is a free open source flight planner, similar in concept to Plan-G in many ways, which was launched in September 2016 and is constantly being updated.  It works with FSX based sims and X-Plane. Designed for the majority of simmers, who fly big jets very high in the sky, it supports approach and departure procedures like SIDs and STARs, climb and descent profiling, automatic flight plan calculations and multiple export formats for Flight Management Systems (FMS) as well as drag and drop flight plan editing on the map. The program can read the PLN, FMS and FLP flight plan formats, and import and export CSV, X-Plane and Garmin files. ATS route descriptions can be from flight plans and vice versa. The database can be updated by the Navigraph FMS Data Manager. Import and export of CSV, X-Plane and Garmin files. In short, it is somewhat OTT for the simple VFR pilot, but it is free, so why not try it.

(Base version is Shareware - full-featured version is payware.)

FSUIPC by Peter Dowson, now on Version 4 is an interface tool for FSX, FSX-Steam and Prepar3D (including v4) which allows all the flight parameters to be imported and exported to other software. The freeware version has less functionality that the shareware version, and most serious simmers will pay and register to use the shareware version.


WideFS by Peter Dowson is the essential tool for using two (or more) networked PCs for Flight Simulator and ancillaries. WideFS will not work without FSUIPC. If you buy both together, there is a substantial discount. Be careful to follow the install


XPUIPC is an interface tool for X-Plane which allows all the flight parameters to be imported and exported to other software. It is not nearly as comprehensive as FSUIPC, as it has almost no other function. It is needed to connect X-Plane to Plan-G, for example.


JoinFS is arguably the most useful Flight Simulator Addon application since Plan-G. It creates a networked environment in which FSX (boxed version), FSX (Steam Version), Prepar3D X-Plane pilots can all fly together and see each other. Because it is a peer-to-peer system, no host player is necessaary, so if anyone leaves, the system maintains its integrity. It includes facilities for accurate model matching and it eliminates entirely the lag endemic on VATSIM or IVAO which rely on a host server. It was created by our member Peter Memmott originally to improve our 2-4-CIX aerobatics teams experience, enabling close formation flight or aerobatics without any lag or aircraft "jumping about", but it has quickly become popular with many Flightsim groups and is indeed a world-class application. It also includes recording and playback facilities including "dubbing" yourself into a recording, thus adding your aircraft to the formation (which itself can be recorded) so that multiple aircraft can be added to a formation or group flight recording.


VAT-Spy is a simple application that allows you to view current ATC staffing and traffic levels on VATSIM. It is modelled after, and is in effect a replacement for now retired ServInfo. The link takes you to more detailed information, and pointers to download the software.


Vattatsic is a completely Web-based application which shows the current status of ATC staffing and traffic levels on the VATSIM network, with a few social-networking features thrown in. It provides approximately the same functionality as some downloadable software does such as VatSPY, ServInfo, QuteScoop (for MAC and Linux), and Dolomynum.


This simple utility by member Max Symons creates textual Pilot to ATC radio calls for use on Unicom which may be pasted directly into the message box of all the VATSIM pilot client software: - FSInn, Squawkbox X-Squawkbox and vPilot. Before take off, enter flight details for departure and arrival, then select the call you want from the displayed list and paste it into your pilot client at the appropriate point in your flight. Saves that perennial problem of trying to type and fly at the same time. Download as a set of files which you just unzip into a folder of your choice, or download the Quick_RT installer if you prefer an automatic installer.


This free software provides a voice activated interface to vPilot for the VFR pilot. Your speak the command into your microphone and it produces text for Unicom transmission or ATC message prompts based on your data input.

MS Install Clean Up Utility

The FSX installer can occasionally become corrupted. A utility called MSICUU2.exe, originally created for Microsoft Office, can repair corrupted installers. Once installed, run it (click Start -> All Programs -> Windows Install Clean Up) and a window opens showing all the programmes on the PC. Highlight FSX and hit the OK button. The programme works it's magic somehow and FSX can then be reinstalled from the original discs with no further problems.


FSScreen is a screen capture utility which runs in the background once started.  It monitors the contents of the Windows clipboard and as soon as a picture is stored in the clipboard (e.g. when you press the Print Screen key), FSScreen saves the picture as a BMP file immediately. Up to 1000 screenshots can be saved in one session. FSScreen is made available here within the terms of the author's license.