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Movements Bar Charts

Pilot Reports Rolling 24 Month Period

The following charts show the Club's flying activity over the last two years, as reported by our members using the Club's PIREP facility.

The first chart shows total recorded club activity. This is followed by individual location charts showing the number of arrivals and departures at those locations which have been defined as preferred by the club at various times.

Total Number of Reports, Hours Flown, and Number of Pilots Reporting

Bar Chart

The total recorded club activity.

Total Recorded Movements by Location - EGKA Shoreham

Shoreham Movements

Shoreham was adopted for a trial period as a preferred club base location on February 1st 2008. It was dropped again on November 1st in favour of the Guest Locations scheme. However, it remained popular, and was reinstated as a Club training base and continues to be popular today.

Total Recorded Movements by Location - EGBJ Gloucestershire

Gloucester Movements

Gloucester was adopted as the second club base location soon after the club was formed in 2004. It is still in use as our preferred location for Tuesday evenings.

Total Recorded Movements by Location - EGCJ Sherburn-in-Elmet

Sherburn-in-Elmet Movements

Sherburn-in-Elmet was adopted as a club base location in 2018 following the closure (real world) of Biggin Hill to private aviation. It is a challenge to fly into or out of because of its arrival and departure procedures required because of its location.

Total Recorded Movements by Location - EGKB Biggin Hill

Biggin Hill Movements

Biggin Hill was adopted as the first club base location soon after the club was formed in 2004. Because it closed real world in 2018, we were "asked to leave" (virtually) so our long association with this historic airfield came to an end.