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For Microsoft MSFS2020

Pilot Client Programs

The Pilot Client programs for MSFS2020 can be found listed on the Pilot Connection Software page. Members' suggestions for useful and interesting links will be gladly received. Email suggestions to the Webmaster by clicking the following icon. @


Freeware scenery for MSFS2020 is still limited, due to the recency of the simulator. However, we have two Club sceneries for a start.

Club Base at Fife for MSFS2020 version 1.4.2 (January 2024)

A club member has created custom scenery for MSFS2020 for the new (2021) Club base at Fife. This is a challenging unlicensed airfield and adds a new dimension to our regular activities. ALL pilots are strongly recommended to read the Club's data sheet for Fife, Both approaches are restricted, especially for Rwy24. They will require practice.

Cheltenham Racecourse Heliport EGBC for MSFS2020 version 2.0.3 (August 2023)

A club member has created a small scenery addon to allow members to fly in to watch or take part in the virtual Chelenham Gold Cup and other horse racing events at this famous course.


VRPsSelect has a database of nearly 4000 visual reporting points in over 20 countries worldwide.

The user can export VRPs in several different formats to be used with all the major flight simulators, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar3D, X-Plane and FSX. In addition, the major VFR flight planners Little NavMap and PlanG are also supported. The Reality XP GTN 750/650 TOUCH is also supported.

VRPsSelect will create scenery for each flight simulator, to place a small water tower marking the VRP. The size of the water towers can be specified so that inexperienced users may require a larger and more visible marker whilst experienced users may require a smaller marker. The idea is to ensure a VRP has been identified, not to create an easy way to navigate from one to the other. To follow the development of this application, please follow this Club Forum topic. This link only works for Club members at present.