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Help on Registration


The Club requires members to use their real name on the Forum and in Pilot Flight Records. Please enter your Username in the way by which you would like to be known. For example, if your name is Andrew, but you prefer to be called Andy, then enter Andy, or if your country's custom is to put family names first and given names last, we suggest using your usual given name as your Username to avoid confusion among western members who put their given name first.


A valid email address is an absolute requirement. Your membership cannot proceed until we have verified your email by an exchange of messages.

Allow users to email me

Your email address will be hidden from other members, but if you wish to allow them to email you, then by ticking this box, other Members can send an email to you via the forum at your registered email address above, by clicking on the envelope icon next to your name in the Members List.

Choose Password

The password must be at least eight (8) characters in length. Strong passwords consisting of a mixture of upper and lower case letters and numbers are recommended.

Verify Password

Do not cut and paste the entry from the previous field as any typographical error you made will be reproduced. Type the password in again to ensure verification.

Real Name

This must be the name under which you registered with VATSIM or IVAO. It may not be identical to the Username above, but that isn't essential. We check VATSIM and IVAO records to ensure your ID is valid.


Select the group you are in by clicking the appropriate radio button. Anyone who can legitimately be a member of VATSIM or IVAO (age 13 years or older) is eligible to join the Club.

Flight Sim. Experience

The Club welcomes absolute beginners equally as flight-simmers with years of experience. It is useful to know your experience so that we can provide appropriate events and other activities.

Local Airfield

Enter the Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) official four-letter code of the nearest airfield to where you live.  This will identify your location. If you don't know this code, enter the airfield name in a search engine, and it will usually provide a page or more of information about that airfield including its ICAO four-letter code. Be careful not to enter the International Association of Travel Agents (IATA) code which is normally only three letters.

FSX / P3D / X-Plane 11

The next three fields simply ask which Simulator Programme you mainly use. Unfortunately we no longer support older versions, although as long as you can connect to VATSIM or IVAO, then there is nothing to stop you using older simulators. It means only that you will not be able to take advantage of all Club facilities.

VATSIM Membership

VATSIM Membership is mandatory. Your application cannot be completed unless you have joined VATSIM and have a valid Certificate Identification (CID) number, which must be entered here.

IVAO Membership

IVAO Membership is Optional. If you normally fly with IVAO, you may continue to do so with the Club, but you must also register with VATSIM as described in the paragraph above.

First/Second/Third Aircraft Callsign

We prefer members to use aircraft callsigns which conform to the international aircraft registration system. For example, aircraft registered in the UK start with G- followed by four letters. The hyphen is part of the registration code as painted on the aircraft fuselage and under the port wing, and should be included here, but please note that VATSIM prefer you not to use the hyphen when signing in with that callsign.

First/Second/Third Aircraft Type

As a Club member, you can fly as many different light aircraft as you wish, but in the forum software, you can enter up to three. Try and be as precise as possible - C172 is sufficient, but Cessna C172 is better. Remember that any aircraft you enter must be less than 5700Kg all-up weight as defined in the Club rules.


This is the commonly seen "anti-spammer" character string. De-cypher the characters displayed and type them in the box. The characters are not case-sensitive.