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Events History - 2018

Details of 2018 Star Events

Dead Reckoning
January 2018

The first Event for 2018, in January, was a navigation exercise to test your Dead Reckoning skills. Members were required to fly an accurate heading for a precise time, and should have found themselves where they intended to be! If not - problem! Good for training for newbies and oldies alike! Here is the Briefing.

14th Birthday Celebrations
February 2018

The February 2018 Event was the traditional live Airshow by our 2-4-CIX Display teams using JoinFS. Here is the briefing.
Three separate JoinFS recordings have been made of the various parts of the show - Part1, Part2 and Part3.

Ben and Jon's Adventures
March 2018

Our March event was a blatant copy of some real world flights which are published on YouTube. Here is the Briefing.

Farewell to Biggin Hill
April 2018

After 14 years flying out of Biggin Hill Airport, the Club is closing its base there. So this April, on 23rd, we move all our aircraft north to our new base at Sherburn=in-Elmet. Here is the Briefing.

Sherburt Dip
May 2018

Our May 2018 event took us on an exploration of the country north and east of our new Club Base at Sherburn-in-Elmet. Here is the Briefing.

Gloster Enigma

Our June 2018 event needed a clear head and a sharp brain. All our members have both, naturally, so get (code) cracking and enjoy the flight. Here is the Briefing.

More Mel's Mad Mondays
July 2018

From Shoreham, we flew a grand anticlockwise circle round busy Gatwick's airspace.  Some were brave enough to fly through it (with ATC clearance of course). An overhead join on arrival at Shoreham was mandatory. Here is the Briefing.

Come Along to my House...
August 2018

Chatteris airfield? Few people have probably heard of this small grass airfield, but it is near John Lygo's house, so we paid him a visit. Here is the Briefing.

Return to Jersey
September 2018

For September, we revisited Jersey, a lovely island we hadn't visited for 10 years as a Club event. The route took the shortest over-water crossing available without going up to Dover. Here is the Briefing.

Listening Watch
October 2018

Whilst the big tin VATSIM pilots fly into Manchester Airport EGCC during the VATSIM annual "Across the Pond" event, we will fly into next-door Barton EGCB in our light singles and twins, keeping well out of their way, but enjoying the challenge of following the correct "Listening Watch" procedure for VFR traffic flying near EGCC. Here is the Briefing.

The Autumn Display 2018
November 2018

This event took place on Wednesday 14th November at Sherburn-in-Elmet EGCJ, our new operating base opened in 2018. The event opened with a flypast of the Club's virtual Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and continued with and aerobatic display by The Cats.  The Chips followed and the grande finale was flown by the Tigers and included their spectacular piece de resistance the formation multiple spin. Here is the Briefing.

The Christmas Caper 2018
December 2018

For the 2018 Christmas Caper we crossed the entire country of Canada, folowing the Trans-Canadian Railway.  The tour started from Halifax in Nova Scotia, headed west through the beautiful eastern provinces of Quebec and Ottawa,  traversed the wild and sometimes featureless country through Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and ended with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, traversing the Rocky Mountains to end in Vancouver, British Columbia. Those members who made it to Calgary in time for Christmas Day enjoyed a virtual banquet in one of that city's most luxurious hotels. Here is the Briefing.