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The Club's Autumn Airshow
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Briefing 14th November 2018
Overview The 2018 Event will be a live Airshow by our 2-4-CIX Display teams, using JoinFS.
Start Time and Place

This event will take place on Wednesday 14th November.
Assemble in Teamspeak from 7:00 for the first display at 7:30pm (local time UK).
Get the IP address from Teamspeak and use JoinFs to connect to the display.

Pre-event Preparation In the days before the event you’ll need to do some preparation:
  1. Make sure you have JoinFS installed and know how to use it (join a practice session for one of the teams if you want to try it out).
  2. Go to This Page and download the following aircraft:
    1. Spectator and chair (for spectators)
    2. Tigers display aircraft (install smoke files as instructed in the download)
    3. CHIPS display aircraft (install smoke files as instructed in the download)
    4. CATS display aircraft (install smoke files as instructed in the download)
    5. 2-4-CIX SPIT
    6. 2-4-CIX HURI
    7. 2-4-CIX LANC
    8. 2-4-CIX B17
    9. 2-4-CIX P51
  3. Start FSX/P3D and get JoinFS to “scan for models”. Then you should see the correct aircraft.
Weather Use the JoinFS facility to take the weather from Peter Memmott.
Peter will set the weather to nil wind and clear skies.
(View - Aircraft - click on Peter's entry on the list, then click on the "copy weather" button.)

Spectator spawning, positioning, and connecting to JoinFS

Before the Display night

It is recommended that members set up their systems before the date of the display, to ensure it all works as intended. To do this: -
  1. Ensure you have downloaded and installed the club set of display aircraft.
  2. Spawn off-line at "Sherburn-in-Elmet" EGCJ.
  3. Taxi to a position roughly mid point of the triangle bounded by the three runways. (Best viewing point is about the mid point of 10/28, and about halfway back to the apex of 06/24 and 01/19).
  4. Once there switch off the engine, then change your "aircraft" to the "Spectator's Chair" to get the best all-round visability.
  5. "Save" this flight. (Call it something obvious like "Display".)
  6. Load JoinFS - this will tell you if your copy needs updating.
  7. Within "JoinFS" perform a "Scan for Models" to ensure that you will see the correct aircraft and liveries.
  8. Ensure you can connect to the "CIX Hub" in JoinFS- Any difficulties PM Max Symons and/or Peter Memmott as a matter of urgency!!!!
  9. Close down and wait for the night of the display.

Spectator spawning, positioning, and connecting to JoinFS

On the Display night

  1. In your sim, load the flight saved at 4 above.
  2. Connect to JoinFS and the Club TeamSpeak.
  3. In JoinFS connect to the "CIX Hub" (Aim to do this by 19:15UTC at the latest.)
  4. Sit back and enjoy the display.
PIREP Members can collect the "Display Star" by creating a PIREP with Departure and Arrival both entered as DISP
Teamspeak Discipline

Please feel free to chat in the members bar.
Spectators are welcome in the dedicated team rooms but please remain silent.
A Display Director or Team Leader will use the phrase “break, break” to indicate they have something to say. Please stop chat at that time.

Display Sequence (So you know where to look) 1900 - spectators comgregate at EGCJ (or new "Club Base" at Sherburn - in Elmet) - using JoinFS and the "CIX Hub"

1930 vBBMF (Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane) opens the display with two passes along the 10/28 tarmac runway. Duration approximately 5 minutes. The Spitfire may then perform a solo display to allow the Huricane pilot to change to an Extra.

1940 - 1945 - The CIX Aerobatic Team display. Duration approximately 20 minutes - includes formation take-off and landing.

2000 or 2005 - CIX Chipmunks Display (15-20 mins).

2020 or 2030 - CIX TIGERs (Tiger Moths) display (approx 20 mins - includes take-off)

2040 or 2050 - Display finale and TIGERs land (approx 5 mins)

Acknowledgements Event planning: Max Symons;
Briefing: Max Symons and 2-4-CIX Team Leaders.
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