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Events History - 2009

Details of 2009 Star Events

Christmas Caper
December 2009

The now traditional Club Christmas tour this year will feature Ireland.This beautiful and enigmatic country with the same population as London, offers a significant challenge to the VFR pilot... Full details can be found in the Briefing Document.

Channel Island Hopper
25th November 2009

A pleasant trip between the islands, or is it something more? Land at Alderney to find out... Full details can be found in the Briefing Document.

Solent Round Robin
21st October 2009

Tea and buns all round as we visit no fewer than five airfields in the Solent area. Full details can be found in the Briefing Document.

Push-ups for Pilots 3: Opposing Pairs
15th September 2009

The third installment of our popular push-ups series sees us starting from different places, and meeting our team mates coming the other way... Full details can be found in the Briefing Document.

Bristol & Cardiff Round Robin
21st July 2009

We often don't realise orappreciate the flying resources and ATC opportunities  that areright on our doorstep So, staying close to home this month, we are embarking on a round-robin tour of our two biggest neighbours: Bristol and Cardiff. We'll be starting off from and returning to Gloucester and, well, you can read all about it in the Briefing Document.

Northern Lights
June 2009

We so thoroughly enjoyed ourChristmas trip to Norway, that we all agreed we'd like to go back andsee more... particularly when we could see where we were going! And so,now that the days are long and the nights are short, we are going to continue from Bodo, and see just how far North we can get... For full details see the Briefing Document.

Pop In to Popham
19 May 2009

We'll be leaving the Cix hangar at Gloucester and flying to Popham. A popular grass airfield situated next to the A303 road, near Basingstoke, Popham is a field to which CIX pilots return time and again, and this will be our fourth visit en masse, although the first time we've flown in from Gloucester. This is an ideal flight for the new or beginner pilot, with some challenges for the more experienced pilot too. For full details see the Briefing Document.

Push-Ups for Pilots II: Biggin Hill
17 April 2009

How good are your flying skills? When was the last time you performed a steep turn? Or a glide approach, or a power-off stall? We will set off from Biggin Hill for an evening of General Handling, with a navigation exercise and some circuits thrown in for good measure. To avoid congestion in the circuit, pilots will be assigned to squadrons, and each squadron will have a time slot for the circuit detail (nothing more frustrating than fifteen people all wanting to fly a glide approach at the same time!) For full details see the Briefing Document.

London Loop
20 March 2009

We're back on home soil, with a tour of London's big four Link airports -- Stansted, Luton, Gatwick and City. Starting on the apron at Stansted, we'll fly to Luton, Gatwick and LondonCity, with a stop at each to gawp at the poor tourists being subjected to inhumane "security" checks (remember to stay airside, or you could find yourself in the same boat!). Tea and medals will be served in the VIP lounge at City. For full details see the Briefing Document.

Cix on the Costa
11 February 2009

Francisco Garcia Garrido has prepared for us a tour of the Costa Del Sol and the mountains surrounding Malaga. This is a nice easy trip, and ideal for newcomers. Spain is a very mountainous country, giving rise to steep climbs and descents. Something less usual in flights over the flat British countryside. See Francisco's Briefing Document for full details.

Tokyo Tour
16 January 2009

Mark Brown hasprepared for us a luxury tour of Tokyo and the surrounding area. Sun, Sea, Sushi and Saki abound. Kimonos optional. See Mark's Briefing Document for full details.