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Events History - 2010

Details of 2010 Star Events

Christmas Caper 2010

This year Richard Sinclair has created one of those fictional story based events which he puts together occasionally and which involves a bit of role-play.  So get yourself into a thespian mood, bush-pilot costume and ice-tanned make-up complete, and become a "jobbing" commercial and air taxi pilot flying people and small but important cargoes across British Columbia in a light aircraft. Full details in the Briefing Document.

SoCal Day Trippin'
Friday 26th - Sunday 28th November

Joel Phillips takes us to some of the best and most diverse places that Southern California has to offer.  We will be landing at three of the most popular destinations for 'SoCal' VFR day trips. In this 252 nautical mile journey we will go from the beach, to the mountains, and then to the desert all in one Thanksgiving weekend! Full details in the Briefing Document.

Jutland Tour
Friday 15th October

Mark Brown is taking us to the land of Lego. Starting from Billund, we'll be touring the Eastern side of the Jutland Peninsula, and taking in some of the islands between Denmark and Sweden, before heading to Aarhaus, Denmark's second largest city. So, load up your legos, pack up your pastries, sizzle your bacon, and let's go flying! Full details in the Briefing Document.

Push-Ups for Plots: Transit Trauma
Friday 24th September

This month's Push-ups is all about zone Transits. After departing Biggin Hill or Shoreham, you will be required to negotiate a transit through Gatwick's Class D before arriving at Shoreham or Biggin Hill. Then you'll go back again. This will test your skills in accurate navigation, heading and altitude holding, There will be traffic on a reciprocal heading at a similar altitude, so you will need to keep a good lookout. And of course there will also be the regular traffic in and out of Gatwick. Briefing Document by Tim Arnot.

Scillonian Shuttle
Thursday 15th July

Buckets & Spades all round for this seaside day out. We'll depart Newquay, and follow the Cornish coast before heading out to the Isles of Scilly, for a snack and a game of beach cricket. Then we'll head back to Newquay to catch the last of the day's surf. (or should that be surf 'n' turf?) Briefing Document by Tim Arnot.

CIX on the Costa Cálida
Wednesday 9th June

This event starts and ends in Murcia San Javier - LELC, Spain. A clockwise circuit will start off by following the coast before heading inland. ATC will be provided by the Spanish VATSIM controllers, and this is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to participate in their first official Club event. Briefing Document by Francisco Garcia Garrido.

South Wales Circular
Tuesday 25th May

The River Severn and the Welsh Valleys feature largely in this tour from Melvyn Kirk. Pilots can fly the route in either direction, so watch out for oncoming traffic! For full details see the briefing document.

Push-Ups for Pilots IV
Friday 16th April

A major navex around London, with general handling and circuits thrown in. This should really give your piloting skills a good work out. For full details see the briefing document.

Going Dutch
17 February - 10 March

For this event we will be going on an outing, to Lelystad and back. Lelystad is the premier GA airport in the Netherlands, situated just to the East of Amsterdam. It is host to one of the world's biggest Flight Sim shows every November. The trip will be split into four parts, each approximately 1 hour's flying time, flown on consecutive Wednesdays. So, on 17th Feb, we start from our base in Biggin Hill, and head for Ostend, then on week two, we fly on to Lelystad, and so on, arriving back at our Gloucester base on March 10th. For full details see the individual briefing documents: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Portland Navy
January 2010

In January this year an additional guest airfield was defined in place of an event. This was EGDP, the Portland Navy base, which has a very short runway normally used only by helicopters. It presented quite a challenge to land there, and it was also hard to depart from, without taking part of the fence with you.