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Briefing JANUARY 2024

Britain may be green and pleasant, but it is far from flat and easy. All over the country, civil engineers have solved our various transport problems creating some, really quite, spectacular bridges and viaducts.


In the local pub outside Exeter, you get talking to a historian who needs to photograph and research a selection of bridges and viaducts across the country. They only have a month to complete their research and as you have time on your hands and a light plane you offer to fly them allowing them to photograph each bridge. Great they say, see you tomorrow! dropping a scribbled piece of paper into your hands.

Start Time and Place

Exeter (EGTE) in January.

Flight Planning

Plan a flight from Exeter (EGTE) to cover and photograph as many of these bridges as you can. Perfect for the screenshot competition! The route chosen needs to finish at Caernarvon (EGCK) but does not need to be completed in one trip.

Trews Weir Suspension Bridge50° 42' 46.98" N3° 31' 25.65" W
Clifton Suspension Bridge51° 27' 17.32" N2° 37' 41.50" W
Old Severn Bridge (Old)51° 34' 18.18" N2° 41' 20.53" W
Severn Bridge (Prince of Wales)51° 36' 41.21" N2° 38' 42.06" W
Iron Bridge52° 37' 37.81" N2° 29' 8.04" W
Port Hill Suspension Bridge52° 42' 30.43" N2° 45' 49.39" W
Menai Suspension Bridge53° 13' 13.62" N4° 9' 48.41" W

Kudos to the pilot who covers all the bridges in the shortest distance.

What Aircraft can I fly

You may use any aircraft (including helicopters) classified as GA (within the EASA "light" category), see club rules for details.

Weather or not?

Before starting, check the weather. In accordance with VATSIM rules the wind direction should be the same as real-world. This event is strictly VFR, so all other aspects of the weather should be adjusted to avoid the disappointment of being rained or fogged in.


Remember to ANC (Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.) This event should be fun for all, both pilots and controllers. Bear in mind that other (non CIX VFR CLUB) traffic may also use the same airspace/airfields but everyone has equal priority (VFR).

Should your enjoyment become impaired due to "unsportsmanlike" ATC, let someone know so that senior club members can pass on your concerns.

Similarly, If you get something wrong, such as entering controlled airspace without authority, learn from the experience and follow instructions - even if requested to 'Disconnect'.

However, if you have a problem, ask ATC for help, a lot easier than flying on regardless causing confusion and mayhem! And don't forget your first call for help is other club members, that is how we all learnt to do it.


You will be flying all over the country so be prepared.

Radio Discipline

Take care not to let our TeamSpeak Chat cut across ATC. Stop any conversation immediately the R/T comes alive, and then continue if "he wasn't talking to us". This is difficult because when talking on TeamSpeak you cannot hear the R/T. So be aware that ATC might be trying to contact a member. If anyone hears R/T which appears to be ignored and it is a club member being called, on TS, say "ATC is calling XXXX/one of us". Then everyone stop talking until ATC calls again and makes contact. Remember that if ATC tells you "stand bye" It means "Wait, don't call me, I will come back to you as soon as I can." - Busy with a more urgent problem.

Club Star Award

Half a star awarded for a departure from Exeter and half a star for arrival at Caernavon.

Charts and Notes

Charts for Exeter and Caernavon can be found here:


Event Idea: Colin Parker
Event planning: Colin Parker
Briefing: Colin Parker

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