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Management Team

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 The following Members run the 2-4-CIX Display Team. They provide on the job training for Display Team members and organise display events.
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 @ David Buderim - 2-4-CIX Coordinator

 David sought flying software when he got his first PC back in the day. In 2010 he stumbled into the VA and online world. After flying tin for a while he found CIX for P1 training. Fortunately Peter's late hours suited the time difference with Australia and many pleasant lessons followed. David is very grateful for Peter's generosity in providing training and can sometimes still hear his dulcet tones when performing a manouevre. VFR flying soon dominated. A few months later David became Javlin3 and learnt formation flying and aerobatics, deep joy. David's technical skills enabled him to contribute to transitioning the 2-4-CIX display from VATSIM to multiplayer and then later to video. Most of the work for this position is pulling together a display video twice a year so it makes sense for David to pick up this role.

 @ Dennis Hardy - 2-4-CIX Deputy Leader

 Dennis has been an aviation enthusiast since getting his first Biggles book for Christmas at the age of 10 (which he still has on his bookcase!). Although not a qualified pilot, over the years he has flown in a multitude of different light aircraft from weight shift microlights to gliders and GA aircraft. His most memorable experience was in a C150 aerobat as the pilot was practicing his aerobatic routine. A flight simmer since the mid 90s and a long time R/C modeller, he has experience flying both R/C fixed wing and choppers. He is now retired from a career as a Quality Manager and Health & Safety Officer in the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Since retiring he has built his own "simpit"- simulated cockpit- based round 2 networked pcs. He joined the CIX VFR club in 2011 and passsed the Vatsim P1 test shortly after. His long experience has enabled him to carry out P1 tests for the club. He subsequently passed the P2 test with VATSIM in 2012 and now also carries out P2 tests for the club. In addition, he will be helping roll out our Pilot Ratings under the VATSIM scheme.