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2-4-CIX Displays

Spectator Instructions

Anyone can watch the show! Spectators watch the performance on the display date by connecting to a private YouTube channel. They simply click on the link provided on the forum, on the website (for non-members) or on TeamSpeak just before the show starts. Club members can gather on TeamSpeak and watch the show together after a count-down to synchronise the start, so that everyone is watching the same display elememt at the same time. Alternatively spectaors, both nembers and non-members can watch the show at a time convenient to themselves.

The YouTube videos can be rewatched indefinitely.

Display PIREPs

Because watching a Club Display is awarded a star in the Star Awards System, Club Member spectators should log a special PIREP as follows: -

This will then automatically award a Display Attendance star to the member's record at the end of the current month.