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Airstrip Details

A Perennial Tour of United Kingdom Farm and Private Airstrips

In April 2007, we decided to hold an event which would last all that summer and through the end of the following summer as well. Entitled "Stripping for Summer", it was to be a tour of over 100 private airstrips for which scenery has been created by Gerry Winskill and Pete Chapman. (These files are available on the Downloads/Scenery page.)

Early in 2014, Tony Driver and Frank Fisher reviewed all the airstrip files. Several errors were corrected, and some of the airstrips were dropped for various reasons. Tony has spent some time reorganising the remaining 93 airstrips into thirty one new groups. They form a continuous string that can be flown starting from Gloucestershire to Alcester, and then continuing to the next in sequence, finishing eventually at Biggin Hill. Each group consists of three airstrips with reasonable straight line distances from the last strip of the previous group to the end of the new group. Most of the group distances are between 40 and 70 nautical miles, with a few less and a few more. The group distances are shown after the airstrip names in the list below. Each leg distance is shown in the farm strip details. (All distances are as measured point to point in a straight line.) Each group is considered able to be completed in less than 1.5 hours flying at 100kts and allowing about 10 - 15 minutes for a stop at each intermediate airstrip. Of course there is nothing preventing you from stopping at any of the airstrips and continuing from there later.

There is a Plan-G flight plan available for the complete route. Click Plan-G Flight Plan to download.

Click on any button to show or hide details of any group, including a top down screen shot of each strip. Click on any top down shot to see a larger version. To return to this page, use the browser back button.

  1. Alcester, Green Farm, Upper Harford - 54.1nm
  2. Ettington, Croft Farm (Defford), Hanley William - 54.1nm
  3. Ditton Priors, Grangewood, Claybrooke - 68.3nm
  4. Rothwell, Bakersfield, Keyston - 35.3nm
  5. Lark Engine Farm, Riseley Bedford, Easton Maudit - 72.6nm
  6. Benington, Fanners Farm, Rayne Hall Farm - 57.6nm
  7. Stones Farm, Cuckoo Tye Farm, Great Oakley - 32.5nm
  8. Thorpe Le Soken, Framlingham, Low Farm - 54.0nm
  9. Gunton Park, Burnham, Croft Farm - 55.3nm
  10. Ashleys Field, Bucknall, Whaley Farm - 33.6
  11. Castle Bytham, Beeches Farm, North Moor - 68.3nm
  12. Cliffe Farm, Felixkirk, Brook Farm - 109.8nm
  13. Lymm Dam, Stretton, Pear Tree Farm - 46.9nm
  14. Chirk, Greenlands, Lleweni Parc - 60.1nm
  15. Nantclwyd Hall, Knockin, Breidden - 35.9nm
  16. Talybont, Cruglan, Rosemarket - 99.1nm
  17. Capeston Farm, Rhos-y-Gilwen, Lane Farm - 82.9nm
  18. Oldbury-on-Severn, Bowldown, Orange Grove - 41.4nm
  19. Garston Farm, Wadswick, Manor Farm Collingbourne - 42.7nm
  20. Brimpton Wasing Lower Farm, Hook, Bourne Park - 49.5nm
  21. Wing Farm, Clutton Hill, Watchford Farm - 78.5nm
  22. Belle View, Gorrel Farm, Henscott Farm - 56.5nm
  23. Roche Woodlands Farm, Four Lanes, Trenderway Farm - 84.8nm
  24. Halwell, Branscombe, Dowland - 94.4nm
  25. Eggesford, Farway Common, Melbury - 56.4nm
  26. Hermitage, Manor Farm Compton Chamberlayne, Binstead I of W - 63.4nm
  27. Jackrells Farm, Swanborough Farm, Boship - 63.4nm
  28. Old Hay Farm, Pent Farm, Lyminge - 46.1nm
  29. Clipgate Farm, Maypole Farm, Farthing Corner - 34.3nm
  30. Damyns Hall, West Horndon, Stoke Airfield - 34.9nm
  31. Laindon, Thurrock, Gerpins Farm, Biggin Hill - 35.1nm