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X-Plane Introduced

Basic Information about X-Plane

X-Plane 11 - The Persuasive Version

This page explains the basics of the way X-Plane works, and provides all the links necessary to get started with X-Plane. It also describes some of the fundamental differences between X-Plane and Flight Simulator.  It also tries to persuade flightsimmers to try this very different simulator, which diehard X-Planers declare is "Once tried, never forgotten".

The new (2017) X-Plane 11 is the version which has a lot of dedicated Microsoft Flight Simulator users, finally, looking seriously at an alternative to the 11 year old software in which they have invested so much time and money. It is much more user friendly than previous X-Plane versions, less "techie" and yet provides an excellent virtual flying environment with excellent, surprisingly accurate default world-wide scenery and the most popular aircraft..

A steadily increasing number of Club members, having looked at the Demo vversion out of curiousity, have taken the plunge and purchased it. The X-Plane environment is so different to that which FSX and P3D users are used to, we decided to create a dedicated section of the website to helping and teaching such members, and anyone who has never used any flight simulator before. So this page will provide links to as much of the wealth of information availaable, as our small but growing band of X-Planers think most useful.

The X-Plane Website

This is the starting point. Download the Demo version of X-Plane, order a boxed set, or download the full version, extensions, scenery, aircraft, plug-in utilities and more.

The Community of X-Planers

This is the website created by and for X-Plane Users. This site is essential viewing for new X-Plane users. You will find everything here except perhaps the proverbial virtual kitchen sink!

The X-Plane Desktop User Manual

This is a most useful and easy to navigate set of instructions and help for new X-Planers which contains all the basic information.

The X-Plane Forum

X-Plane has its own forum, from which users can obtain a wealth of information, download links, troubleshooting etc. You can of course upload your own queries if you cannot find the answer elsewhere.

The Master List of Libraries

A lot of the scenery from the site requires the prior installation of object libraries. Get them from


This site is a source of mostly 3D scenery, a lot of which will be incorporated into the next X-Plane update.


In many paarts of the world, FSX and P3D users have been able to download or purchase photographic scenery which is, as the name suggests, exactly the view out of the window you would see flying across the real world. The following link eanables you to downlaod photoscenerfy for X-Plane for most of Europe. It is installed on top of the mesh.

The Club X-Plane Project

We will be adding more pages containing tutorials, help and advice, downloads etc. over time.