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The CIX VFR Club is a group of Flight Simulation enthusiasts who enjoy flying extremely realistic simulated light aircraft, chiefly around the United Kingdom, across a computer generated landscape made up of real photographs, and within an Internet community environment. We have around 700 registered members in 63 countries, which reflects the world-wide appeal of aviation simulation.

Latest News

With the launch of Flight Simulator 2020, a number of members have already accepted the challenge of learning the modus operandi of this latest offering from Microsoft. Like all versions of this perrenial favourite, it has its quirks, surprises and delights. The visual landscape is much improved over earlier versions, but there are as yet not many aircraft in the standard package, and no helicopters. This should change over time and many traditional favourites and some of the quirky aircraft found in earlier versions will hopefully appear. However, to have the broadest possible appeal, the existing developers who have been creating superb aircraft and scenery over many years MUST be included in Microsoft's expansion plans.

A New Decade; A New Year

With social activities much curtailed during the coronavirus pandemic, there is no better time to do more simulated flying. (You can't do any real flying, even if you have a licence). The Club has something going on most nights of the week, touring different parts of the world. During these tours, members enjoy a sociable chat on TeamSpeak (see below), so there's plenty of incentive to stay home and stay safe. New aircraft are also being added to the fleet and can be downloaded from the site. Check out the Aircraft tab. We are planning to introduce a new training course, based loosely on the old VATSIM P1 course, which has now been discontinued. We already have courses which are roughly equivalent to VATSIM's old P2 and P3 courses.

Club Nights

The Club runs informal group flights on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at present. These are mostly tours of interesting places with spectacular scenery, with the occasional tricky landing thrown in. Whilst flying, members enjoy informal chat and banter on our Teamspeak channel, which makes these events very sociable. New members are always very welcome on these tours, and beginners are given all the help they need to get going. The current tours are listed on the simple calendar on the right.

We operate "workshop flights" for new members and new pilots when there is a request for them, to ease them into the world of on-line flying with other pilots and Air traffic Control.  It's the ATC that gets new pilots all nervous, just the same as in the real world, and these sessions are designed to help overcome nerves. Similar help is also available on our other weekly flight nights, but the workshop flights concentrate specifically on getting new pilots airborne and comfortable in the on-line world.

January Event

Members went back to flying school to practice flapless approaches. They were given several airfields to fly into in a round-robin tour, but with the runways getting ever shorter.

February Event

In February, we have another of the Club's pseudo-Biggles stories. Biggles finds himself in Gibraltar with orders to fly a new type (for him) to a secret location in Morocco. All he has is a scruffy handdrawn map to guide him. Can you reproduce his tek across north Africa? The Briefing is on the Monthly Events page.

March Event

We are off to the races! I know we can't actually yet, but this is Flightsim! We can fly our well-heeled punters in to Gloucestershire for the Cheltenham Festival and ferry them to Cheltenham by helicopter. There are jockeys to take too of course. The Briefing is on the Monthly Events page.

Activities in February 2021

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Mondays: The Monday Nighters have left Kazhakhstan and are now in Russia on the east side of the Black Sea.

Tuesdays: Don Johnson & Friends are heading north beyond Inverness to the Shetland Islands.

Wednesdays: Touring Laos and Myanmar.

Thursdays: Our Chief Flying Instructor is available on Thursday evenings by request to help beginners. Contact him on the Forum.

Fridays: Rotary Club are heading north up through Finland.

Saturdays: Nothing Scheduled.

Sundays: Nothing Scheduled.

X-Plane Xperts

More and more members are flying with X-Plane since the launch of Version 11. X-Plane is constantly being updated with new scenery, new and improved features. The Club's X-Plane experts are responding to this by creating new training and help material for X-Plane  - tutorials, aircraft, tips and tricks from the world-wide user base. It is all available on the Club forum.


We normally offer two flight training courses: - a basic "get you flying" course and a comprehensive General Flying Course, which is modelled closely on the real world Private Pilots Licence course. However, one-to-one training availability is currently limited, so we are running "newbie help nights" on Thursday evenings by request. We guarantee that these evenings will be relaxed, fun and informative. Join in on TeamSpeak. Other Informal training on specific topics can also be arranged. Just post a request on the forum. As mentioned above, during 2021 we are planning to create a new basic flying course for beginners. We are also recruiting new instructors.
We can also run Radio Telephony courses, again modelled on real world practice.

Click on the Training menu tab above for full details.

Screenshot Competition Winner

January 2021
January 2021 - Ben King - TIGERS limbo under the Prince of Wales Bridge


Airfield Updates

Neville Munro's UK airfield datasheets were updated again in February, specifically Cheltenham Racecourse EGBC and Barra EGPR.

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If you would like to know more about what we do, please browse this site at your leisure. A summary of what we do and why can be found on this page.